Desiring God

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When I desire something two things happen. First I figure out how to get what it is I desire. Second I take action. When we think about our desire for God is it strong to figure out how God fits into our lives and move us to take action to make it happen? Do we desire God enough to make plans to spend time with Him? Do we see our time with God as something of value, something desirable? We often talk about, blog about, and teach about things like spiritual disciplines and how we can be more effective in spending time with God and spiritual transformation. But before we go there the central question must be answered, “Do we desire God enough to actually want to spend time with Him?” You can teach about Bible study, prayer, fasting, etc all day long but if people don’t want to spend time with God all those “how to’s” will never result in action. You can’t get someone to spend time with a person they don’t care about.

It is important that we are honest with ourselves about how strong our desire is for God. If it is absent or weak we have to be honest with ourselves so we can address the problem that stems from our lack of desire. When we really desire someone we want their time, their attention, and their affection. Have you ever stopped to think that your relationship with God could be like that as well. Have you ever realized that your desire for God could and should be so strong that you can’t wait to spend another minute with Him?

I don’t think we will desire God until we realize how much God desires us. I know that is self-centered and selfish but it is honest and it is where many people begin. We are geared like that. It is true of relationships with people and it is true of our relationship with God. For some of us it is very hard to believe God really loves us that much. Maybe you grew up in a Christian environment that didn’t say much about the love of God and you have been trying your best to earn it. Or maybe you have an earthly father who didn’t model godly love for you very well. The evidence we have for God’s love for us is plastered all over scripture. The question is, what is our response? What is our desire? How do we spend our time? Have we made room for the most important thing and the most important desire a person can have in this life – relationship with our Creator?

What makes your list of Top 5 Desires? What number is God?

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