Parents Partnering in Parenting

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Here is a great quote from the book I previously mentioned called Bound and Determined,

A youth minister mentioned to me one day that he was astounded that Jack and I both taught our children about their sexuality, even the difficult issues of masturbation, pornography, and birth control. Admittedly, I was more candid with our daughters, and Jack with our son, yet we both shared in the conversation about what it means to be male and female. Our logic was, if our kids couldn’t talk to us as loving parents with whom they had grown up about important issues, how would they be able to discuss such things with their future spouses? As members of the family, we were not afraid to talk to one another even when it was difficult. But many children and adults do not have Christian parents or trusted friends to talk with about difficult issues, and here especially, the church should fill the void, as we are God’s family to one another.

Do we need to exercise care as we partner on delicate topics? Of course. But we should not fear standing together and helping one another. At the same time, we all should repent of the way we sometimes use our bodies as instruments of lust, seduction, and temptation instead of modesty, humility, and godliness. We must call each other to high standards of faithfulness as we develop principles that guide godly partnership. (Jeanene Reese, 51-52)

Yet another reason why it is important for children to have both father and mother in the home. I don’t say that to put an extra burden on the single parents out there but to remind us of the power of gender roles within the home and partnering with our spouses in raising our children and addressing the difficult issues. Children don’t need to learn love from their mother and discipline from their father. They need two parents who are both committed to partnering in all aspects of parenting so that children get a well rounded and healthy perspective on life, especially life from a Christian perspective.

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