How to Add Multiple Pictures from a Folder Directly Into Powerpoint

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I needed to make a powerpoint of 100 pictures and figured there had to be a way to do this quickly. In Powerpoint 2007 all you have to do is click “Insert” and then click “Photo Album”. You can then choose the directory, select all the pictures you want (Ctrl+A will do this quickly) and then click to create the powerpoint. This creates one slide per picture and even resizes your pictures for you. This saved me close to an hour of creating slides and inserting pictures one by one. You can do this in older versions but you have to download a plugin to get it to work.

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    1. Thank you for that time saving shortcut. I’m doing this 3 years later and on Office 2010 but procedures are still the same.

  1. Great post. I love the internet and I love people who post useful information. God bless you and your ministry

  2. !! My hero !! I have to create a slideshow of about 200 pictures in approximately 10 minutes. You just made that possible!!

  3. Just found your suggestion and am dying to use it since I have to do over 200 pictures. However, I don’t know about the plug in or where to find it. I am running Power Point for Mac 2008. Could you still help me please?

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