Two Great Sermons by Mike Cope

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I am going to start posting some older audio that I have in my collection, all with the appropriate permissions (of course). These will be going into the sermons tab at the top of the blog under “Media”. Let’s start with two by Mike Cope:

The Long Wait

God in the Rearview Mirror

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    1. Hey Matt,
      I’m looking for some audio or transcriptions of audio by Mike Cope, specifically where he tells stories of his daughter Megan, Kingdom values, eschatology, suffering. It looks like Long Wait and God in the Rear View Mirror might fit, but I can’t use the audio in the format very well for some reason. I’d like to download to iTunes then control a little more . . . (there’s a way to go into info/format for the mp3 and make it spoken audio and when it goes to an ipod it gives the 30 second rewind and 1x 1/2x and 2x options as in audiobooks). All that to say, would you have those two files in mp3 format where you could send a link that I could download or send to my email? Thanks, Greg Taylor

      1. Greg,

        The two links above are in mp3, if that helps. Also, a couple of things that might help:
        1 – Check out the list of Mike’s sermons from highland’s website –

        You could email him and ask which of these might fit that bill because it would be hard to wade through 112 sermons for those stories.

        2 – Check out the audio sermons page here for a couple more mp3’s of Mike.

        3 – I can mail you a CD of the sermons I have from him if you like. Most of those are in mp3. If you want that just email me your address and I will get that in the mail.

    2. Hate that the last part of “The Long Wait” is cut off. :/

      Just listened for the first time in a few years. To me– one of the strengths of his message is how he brings his collection of anecdotes and stories together to make you love & appreciate Romans 8 that much more. Strong.

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