Jonah Just Taught Us a Valuable Lesson About God

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We were doing yard work this morning and we had a big yard bag of leaves on the driveway. Jonah wanted to pull it over to the house so he started yanking on the yellow pull cord. It wouldn’t budge. He got a little frustrated until finally I went over and grabbed the other pull cord and help him pull it across the drive. It reminded me of how we must appear to God some times. Jonah was so proud as we pulled that bag together. He had this look on his face that either said, “Look what I am doing!” or “Look what dad and I can do together.” I am not sure which it was but both have valuable lessons to teach us. Without God we are nothing. We can’t fool ourselves into thinking there is any good thing we are able to do apart from His mighty power. Often He is pulling 99% of the load and yet we think we are doing it. But what a joy it is to realize our daddy in heaven is pulling for us and with us. When we are partnering with God in doing good things then we truly experience what Paul was talking about in Philippians 4:13, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

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  1. sweet lesson. I envisioned the little one pulling and dragging the bag along until a stick or rock snagged and tore open the bag….spilling the leaves back onto the lawn. But with the ‘Father’s’ help, the task was successfully completed.

    Again, sweet lesson. We can learn sooooo much from those closest to God….the little ones.

    Carolyn (

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