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Awesome Worship Experience Last Night

June 28th, 2010 · No Comments · Christianity, Church, Church of Christ, God, Ministry, Prayer, Worship

It has been some time since I said that regarding a Sunday night service. Last night was one of the most uplifting worship experiences I have been a part of in some time. It wasn’t that we had hundreds and hundreds of people because we didn’t. It was that everything that happened last night felt so connected to each other and to God and so real.

Last night our singing was powerful. We packed into what used to be the Northwest auditorium and is now our fellowship hall. During the singing, movable walls had to be moved to make room for more chairs. People were singing out. It was moving. Then one of my good friends spoke for 20 minutes about all the health issues he has faced over the last ten years of his life. It was moving. It was all a powerful reminder that God is alive and well and that He is able to work in and through our difficulties to make us stronger and grow our faith. After the hour of worship was over we spent another thirty minutes in prayer. The brother who spoke and another man in our congregation are both having serious operations this week. One on a liver and the other on the brain for Parkinson’s. We gathered around them and prayed and prayed and prayed. It was moving. It was awesome and God got so much praise and glory last night that I just know He had to be pleased. Last night was a powerful reminder of why I am so glad to be a Christian.

Please keep these two brothers in your prayers. One has surgery Tuesday and the other on Wednesday.


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  • Ginger Levick

    It was amazing. I loved how it all came together and all of the tender prayers that were offered. I know God will show his power this week. I think we should do it again next Sunday and offer prayers of thanksgiving.

  • mattdabbs

    It was a great night! I loved the faith that was in the room.

    • Dustin Burtron

      I can not express the love that was felt last night. I could only hope that everyone else felt the same love. Again I want to thank everyone for such a great night and I know my family feels comforted by all the uplifting that was in the room. As the scripture reads if two or more a present then he is there and I know our words were heard.

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