People Who Made a Difference

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Missy, Jonah and I had dinner last night with a very special family. Roughly 14 years ago I stayed in their home for a week while doing a VBS in Pensacola. I was trying to decide where to attend college and was seriously considering attending one of our fine Christian universities and had pretty much made up my mind. This family had two daughters at Harding and were big Harding fans. That week the message was clear, they wanted me to at least give Harding a look. I decided to check the place out and ended up attending Harding the following year.

Because they were willing to open their home to four teenagers from Alabama for the week my life will never be the same. It changed everything from who I would marry and the children I would have to the profession I would choose. Thanks to all of those who stand up to make a difference. Even though it may seem like a small thing you never know the impact you might have on someone else. Thanks to Terry and Andrea G and the kindness they have shown me and my family. It will never be forgotten and it stands as a challenge to our family to continue to be difference makers in the lives of others.

How have you experienced similar things where someone made a difference for you or your family?

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