We’re Expecting!

Missy is pregnant again, due in November! We are so, so excited and could use your prayers. Our pregnancy with Jonah didn’t go so smoothly, so Missy could especially use your prayers for her health and the health of the baby. We will find out in a couple of week if it is a boy or a girl. Something tells me it will be a girl. I will get some sonogram pictures up here eventually. It is hard to believe Jonah is already 19 months. He is going to be an awesome big brother!

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  1. rick says:

    be blessed! may health, peace and joy fill your life.

  2. Tim Archer says:

    Congratulations. Prayers for mom, dad and baby Dabbs.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  3. Jerry Starling says:

    Ditto Tim’s comment! Your joy matches the joy in heaven over a new birth into the kingdom!

  4. ozziepete says:

    Congrat’s to you both. Hope all goes well.

  5. emily says:

    congratulations matt and missy!!!! God bless that sweet baby.

  6. wjcsydney says:

    Congrats! Praying her pregnancy will go smoothly.

  7. K. Rex Butts says:

    To Matt and Missy…Congratulations, what great news. May God’s blessings be upon your family and especially with Missy’s health and the health of this unborn child.

    Grace and peace,


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