Giving Yourself Advice

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If you could put yourself in your own shoes at the end of your life, looking back, what advice would you give yourself in your current place in life?

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  1. Get over yourself.

    Spend more time outdoors.

    Eat less.

    Pray more.

    Don’t marry her. Go to Kansas, meet and marry this one instead.

    Invest in Apple Computers, Inc. Ride it out.

  2. Oh, wait. “Current place in life.” Missed that.

    Scratch the line about marriage. Substitute “Read thoroughly before posting.”

    (You can leave the one about Apple. Future me will remember that I don’t have any money to invest, anyway.)

  3. but if i’m imagining being at the end of my life and giving advice to the current me, then i wouldn’t know anything more than what i know today, right? so basically i’m just giving my current self the best advice my current self can give me?

    so… what do i want to change about myself today?

    uhm… less analyzing and more just answering questions for fun.

  4. This was a question I was asking myself yesterday to really evaluate the things in my life in order to make sure things lined up with the appropriate priorities and to critique areas of struggle. This really put things in perspective for me and made the small things seem really small and the big things really big. If that makes any sense

  5. Learn to laugh at yourself–don’t take yourself too seriously.

    You’re okay and great and worth something no matter what any professor tells you about your paper and no matter how hard grad school is.


  6. matt, i hope i didn’t come across as making light of a question that was helpful to you. rather i was just thinking i’d really like to give the past me advice from what i know now. or the present me advice from what i will know in the future.

    also you didn’t share your own answer…

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