U2 – Bullet The Blue Sky from Rattle and Hum

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This is the same CD that features George Pendergrass in Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. Don’t miss the end of this song where Bono gets to preachin’ and meddlin’ against the abuses of greedy ministers back in the late 80’s. This album was released in 1988 right in the middle of the Jim and Tammy Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart controversies.

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  1. Matt,

    i’m a HUGE U2 fan. Have you seen them on their 360 tour?

    i understood that Bullet The Blue Sky was about the American interference in El Salvador in the 80’s and Reagan’s general greed. Bono definitely sings about religious-greed in “Desire.” It’s weird though, it seems like a very incidental comment in the song.
    It’s generally interesting to hear Bono’s take on things though–Christian leaning yet not your typical North-American-evangelical party line.


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