Lost Beginning to Make a Little More Sense…Maybe

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Here are a few thoughts Missy and I were discussing after last night’s episode of Lost. If you aren’t caught up you may not want to read this. I am not sure if any of this will turn out to be spoilers or not…I doubt I am smart enough for that to happen. But if you don’t want to read anything like that don’t read the rest of this.

Jacob & the MIB

We have been learning a lot about the relationship between the “man in black” (the smoke monster) and Jacob. Jacob used an interesting analogy last night about the purpose of the island. He said the island served as a cork to keep the evil man in black contained. This explains the intent of the MIB to get off the island and his misleading of some of the Oceanic 6 into thinking they all have the same purpose…to get off the island. The fact is, they have the same short term goal, getting off the island, but for very different purposes. The survivors want to get home, the MIB wants to escape the island for his own evil reasons.

The Role of the Candidates

So that leaves us with the candidates. We learned the Man in Black has wanted to kill Jacob for many years but there were rules they had to play by for this to happen. Dogan told Sayid that if he was to kill the MIB he couldn’t let him speak to him and had to plunge a certain dagger into his chest. Last night we learned that Jacob could be killed the same way as the MIB sent Richard to accomplish this when he got on the island in the 1800’s on the Black Rock (black rock, white rock…an illusion to the game Jacob and MIB play back and forth?).

Back to the candidates. We see Hurley taking on more and more the role of Jacob. I have been thinking for the last few weeks that he would take the place of Jacob. But we also know that Jack has a role to play or a job to do. What is that job? I don’t think he has spoken with the MIB since he has been on the island, unless you consider that his seeing his father on the island (who I think was the MIB taking his form) counts. I think Jack’s role is going to be to kill the MIB and Hurley’s role to take Jacob’s place.

“Jacob’s House”

As for Christian, Jack’s father, we learned early on that his body was on the plane when it crashed and his casket was later found without the body. When Locke’s body came back to the island the MIB took on his form. I am wondering if the same is true for Christian. We saw Christian in “Jacob’s house” that at least we thought was Jacob’s. But we also found out that house was surrounded by ash, which we later learned was something used to contain the smoke monster (MIB). So I am wondering if the house was either not Jacob’s, or who they encountered there was the MIB rather than Jacob in the form of Christian and also explaining the strange happenings that took place when Ben visited the house in an earlier season. We also saw that at one point the line of ash around the house had been broken and allowed the MIB out of the house. I now believe Claire did that as we also, if my memory is right, saw her in “Jacob’s house” as she believed the MIB was her friend.


The last thing I will toss out there is I am wondering how Richard saw his dead wife Isabella on the Black Rock after it landed on the island. Unless I am missing something, the only way this has happened in the past has been for the MIB to take on the form of someone who came to the island dead (if my theory about Christian is correct). If that is true, I am wondering if her body was on the Black Rock. I have no idea why that would be the case but it would keep things consistent.

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  1. I loved last night’s episode! I like that this season is throwing back to the opening season’s style of following particular characters and developing their backstory. That idea – that backstory really drives the whole plot forward – is one of the things that makes Lost really interesting to me. (Someday, there’s a blog post in there, if I can find the time! Maybe that’s how I’ll celebrate the finale!)

  2. Do you think hat the smoke monster reads minds when he does his little paparazzi flashing thing? That might explain why the ol’ smokey willsometimes pause in front of people without actually messing with them.

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