Ministry Highlight – Millington Church of Christ’s Prison Ministry

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I recently received my annual update on Millington’s prison ministry and I thought I would brag on them a bit. This ministry has done some really big things over the last 13 years. In those years they have graded 41,069 lessons, resulting in the baptism of 1,781 people over the same time period. That is averaging well over 100 baptisms a year! I wanted to thank the Millington Church of Christ for all their hard work and diligence in reaching such a difficult and unreached population within the United States.

From their website:

“This ministry began at the Sycamore Church of Christ in Cookeville, TN as part of the “One Nation Under God” (ONUG) campaign (Whose goal was to reach everyone in America).

In 1996 we took on this ministry, as the ONUG campaign went on to other countries. Currently 15 teachers from Millington, adopt the prisoners as students. Our prison ministry secretaries sends out Bible correspondence courses to prisons across the country. When these lessons are returned the teachers grade, make explanations and send them back with a personal note.

We grade over 200 lessons a month, have over 500 active students and have over 100 requests for baptism each year. Every week we are sent names of new students who are enrolled by other students.

These prisoners/students have a great desire to study God’s Word and are faithful in completing each course. Some of our students continue to study with us after they are released and we have several whole families who have been converted.

What a joy it is to hear a prisoner say that the best thing that ever happened to them was – when they went jail they found the Lord. Only God knows the greatest good is being done and the fruit from all the good seed that is being planted through this outreach ministry.”

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