Top Church of Christ Blogs – January 2010

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I had to scale this down to make it more manageable. It is now a top 25 list rather than 50 or 60. I have the information for the rest if anyone is interested in how they did. I wanted to ask if this is helpful and interesting to anyone out there. The only reason I continue to do it is because some of you work very hard on your blogs and give the rest of us great reads, information, etc. and I think people should be highlighted and recognized for their work. So I am not sure if this will be the last “Top Church of Christ Blogs” list or not but if it is I will probably move in the direction of highlighting individual blogs each month and giving recognition and appreciation that way. Let me know what you think.

Like last time this list is a combination of Alexa and google subscribers. Those two were ranked from 1-25 for each blog, an average rank calculated and the blogs ranked by the average of those two. Alexa was the tiebreaker in the event of any ties. The two most notable moves are Edward Fudge down (from #2 to #17) and Craig Ford up (from #18 to #3). If I really had to guess who has the most traffic of these I would go with Jay G.

Blog (December rank, Alexa, Google Subscribers)

  1. Al Maxey (1, 128k, 0)
  2. Laura Coppinger (3, 280k, 1235)
  3. Craig Ford (18, 372k, 245)
  4. Jim Martin (4, 422k, 250)
  5. Matt Dabbs (8, 268k, 122)
  6. Jay Guin (5, 314k, 128)
  7. Trey Morgan (9, 1.2m, 311)
  8. Mike Cope (7, 1.3m, 438)
  9. Christopher Heard (6, 730k, 238)
  10. Patrick Mead (11, 1.4m, 147)
  11. Bobby Valentine (19, 2.5m, 275)
  12. John Mark Hicks (10, 2.0m, 198)
  13. Tim Archer (14, 1.0m, 35)
  14. Tim Spivey (12, 1.2m, 40)
  15. Wade Hodges (15, 2.8, 110)
  16. John Dobbs (17, 2.4m, 91)
  17. Edward Fudge (2, 2.2m, 0)
  18. Larry James (13, 3.4m, 164)
  19. Grace Conversation (16, 1.8m, 40)
  20. Milton Stanley (20, 3.9m, 117)
  21. Mitchell Skelton (24, 692k, 10)
  22. Brian Nicklaus (22, 3.3m, 47)
  23. Peter Horne (27, 466k, 5)
  24. Darin Hamm (30, 1.1m, 16)
  25. Kinney Mabry (31, 4.2m, 81)

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  1. Matt,
    Thanks for taking the time to put this list together. I do like the idea of highlighting specific bloggers so we can all get a chance to know each other a little better – great idea.
    @Wes – some blogs display a count on their website. For example, if you look at the to left corner of this site you will see a count in the Subscribe secton.

    1. Not exactly. Counts on the side are not usually google reader counts. They are usually feedburner counts. To see how to check google reader subscriber count see my reply to Wes in these comments.

  2. Matt,
    I would like to have the information as well to see how I’m stacking up. My numbers have slipped in the past month, and I’m wondering if I’m unique or if others have also slipped somewhat.

    1. I will post the rest later in an update…so just come back here repeatedly to see if it is posted so you can run up my page count…just kidding.

  3. Craig – yes, I’ve noticed that, but a lot of them don’t. Just curious if there’s a way to find out how many subscribers a blog has if it’s not displayed.

    1. Wes,

      You go into your google reader account and click to add new subscriptions. Then you do a search for the blog and it will tell you how many readers they have.

      The count on the side of my blog is just email subscribers via feedburner. That varies on a daily basis whereas google subscribers remains constant.

  4. Matt, it’s helpful to me. I especially liked when you showed the Alexa ranking/subscribers. I hope you’ll keep doing it. If you wanted to, you could use Alexa and Google Analytics (rather than Google subscribers)…it might be an easier, more precise way to do it. Then again, maybe not πŸ™‚

    1. Tim,

      I will add in the alexa/subscriber count when I get a chance. Glad to hear that is helpful. By google analytics do you mean google page rank?

  5. Thanks Matt! I think this is a great offering you give us because it introduces me to other popular blogs I do not know about. Of course I appreciate the mention. And I appreciate you!

  6. I like your idea of highlighting different blogs each month. I’ve tried to do some of that, but haven’t been consistent with it. The greatest value of your list, in my rarely humble opinion, is allowing your readers to discover other blogs. I know I’ve found several through your rankings.

    Thanks again!

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  7. Thanks again for mentioning me on your list. I love the idea of highlighting diifferent blogs. Great way to learn about each other. I’m not sure your male readers would enjoy my Christian homemaking blog as much…but maybe they could tell their wives about it!? πŸ™‚

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