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  1. Uh … is this the blog version of John Cage’s 4’33?

    [The piano piece where the pianist just sits there for 4 minutes and 33 seconds with his hands in his lap.

    There was a similar recording titled: “The Best of Marcel Marceau” available in the seventies lasting a bit longer than four minutes and thirty-three seconds.]

  2. The LP album featured twenty minutes of silence followed by a minute of thunderous applause on each side, and the cover misspelled “Marceau” as “Marceao” (intentionally?).

    I bought it for a quarter back when Arkansas still had Magic Marts.

    When my Aiwa combination radio/turntable was the latest word in electronics, I could set the sound output to “radio,” put the album on and go to sleep listening to music from the radio. After twenty-one minutes, the whole unit turned itself off.

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