Now Offering Statistics Help for Doctoral Candidates and Dissertations

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Over the last several months I have started offering help with statistics and research design for people who are working on their dissertation. Often people are severely under-equipped for doing the statistical analysis for their doctorate. Many programs only require a small handful of stats courses and very little by way of research design.

Now for the shameless plug – I have studied statistics on the undergraduate and the graduate level as well as research design and am trained to use SPSS for dozens of analysis and descriptives (over 40 hours of statistics and research design coursework).

My approach is one that helps the candidate learn the process and work through each analysis themselves in a guided yet hands-on way that adequately prepares them to understand their analysis, results and eventually to defend. Sometimes people who hire out their statistics get burned because they haven’t put the time in to learn what the statistician did and why that answers their hypotheses. My aim is to keep that from happening by being an educator along the way.

So if you or anyone you know is needing help with statistics for a masters or doctorate feel free to inquire about this via email –

Services available (Fees flexible to fit your needs and budget):

  • Advising on research design – make sure you are asking the right questions in a way amenable to analysis
  • SPSS tutoring – understand how data is analyzed and be confident you are using the correct analysis and the right steps in SPSS to accomplish it.
  • Descriptives – An understanding of your sample and this affects your research design and hypotheses
  • Data analysis – Assisting you in running your statistics to make sure it is done appropriately and accurately. Also, helping you understand the statistics you are running and understanding how they answer your research questions/hypotheses.
  • Advising on writing up the results and discussion sections – You can run all the stats in the world but if you don’t understand how to explain what you have done and how it answers your questions you aren’t going to be well prepared to write your dissertation much less defend.

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  1. Well, aren’t you just the Renaissance man, Matt! This is actually very good to know. If it ever comes up with interns or anyone else on my path, I’ll know where to steer them.

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