Getting to the Championship Fantasy Football Game by Never Changing Your Lineup

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We had something crazy in our fantasy football league this year. It was Jonathan’s first year to play fantasy football. He really didn’t know what he was doing. He didn’t know which players were any good. But what is even more amazing he never knew how to access his account! And he made it all the way to the championship game this weekend with a record of 11-3. Every single week he had the same lineup. He had players on bye week in. Ronnie Brown even got put on IR during the season and was one of his running backs. So for several weeks he only had one running back scoring points. He never once made a move, added or dropped a player, or changed his lineup. He never accessed his account the entire season! I don’t even know if he knows he made the Championship game. Ha! Then there are all of us clowns who actually pay attention and don’t do half as well.

I wonder how many times this has ever happened in a Yahoo! Fantasy Football league?

Here are some screen shots to show you Week 1 and Week 16

Week 1:

Week 16:

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