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You really need to read Trey’s post today on feeding children who live in a garbage dump in Honduras. The pictures and captions are priceless, sad, but hopeful. I hope you will take a look. As I saw the picture of the little girl who was alone and sick I just about got tears in my eyes as my own son has been very sick the last several days with a fever touching on 104-105. I can’t imagine him being alone with no solution or help. Thanks Trey for this awesome work. Next time around I will try to round up more support for this effort.

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  1. Matt,

    Thanks for the shout out on the Jesus Banquet. It was an amazing event. So many of those children don’t have parents or anyone to care for them. Many care for one another. One girl, age 11, out there takes care of 3 little children. The little sick girl had no one with her. Finally a little boy, about her age, took her by the hand and they walked off together. As she was walking off she stopped and got sick again. The little boy kept trying to comfort her by patting her on the back of the head. It was a sad thing.

    Again, I appreciate the shout out. Any publicity the “Dump People” can get is good, as we continue to try to raise awareness and money to help them.


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