Top Church of Christ Blogs – December 2009

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Many of you have pointed out the inaccuracies of alexa rankings. That is certainly true. In order to improve the accuracy of this list I worked with a few other measures of popularity until I found the combination that seemed to fit the best. This list seems to make more sense to me than the previous ones. For instance, Jay Guin gets more traffic than I do but I always beat him on Alexa. Now he ranks ahead of me. I am fairly certain Trey Morgan and I get comparable traffic and we are ranked next to each other. Those with lesser traffic but good alexa ranks skewed to the high side dropped in the rankings, as they should.

Notes of interest:

  • Al Maxey overtook Edward Fudge
  • Laura Coppinger has 1180 subscribers!?! I am humbled
  • Shane Coffman has to give up his rank above Terry Rush. Terry, you can pay me later or just let me teach a class at Tulsa some time. Oh wait, I think Shane is in charge of that now. Oops.
  • Trey Morgan finally got a higher rank. He should have been ranked higher all along.
  • Christopher Heard makes his start on the list at #6! Have a look at his blog. It is quality.

The process:
I took the alexa rankings and the google subscriptions and ranked all the blogs by both. I then calculated each blogs average rank from those two. Maxey and Fudge are a little different than a blog and so I left them out of the mix since the google rank is not evident (if anyone can figure out their google rank let me know). Where there was a tie alexa took priority in ranking. So what you see below is a ranking of the average ranking of alexa and google reader subscriptions with (alexa, google) in parentheses:

  1. Al Maxey (112k, 0)
  2. Edward Fudge (136k, 0)
  3. Laura Coppinger (260k, 1180)
  4. Jim Martin (465k, 245)
  5. Jay Guin (341k, 122)
  6. Christopher Heard (728k, 224)
  7. Mike Cope (1m, 420)
  8. Matt Dabbs (226k, 112)
  9. Trey Morgan (1.2m, 302)
  10. John Mark Hicks (1.4m, 186)
  11. Patrick Mead (1.7m, 147)
  12. Tim Spivey (1.5m, 37)
  13. Larry James (2.9m, 157)
  14. Tim Archer (768k, 33)
  15. Wade Hodges (2.3m, 103)
  16. Grace Conversation (1.8m, 42)
  17. John Dobbs (2.4m, 90)
  18. Craig Ford (606k, 27)
  19. Bobby Valentine (3.6m, 138)
  20. Milton Stanley (3.3m, 115)
  21. Keith Lancaster (3m, 39)
  22. Brian Nicklaus (2.6m, 45)
  23. Joshua Graves (3.3m, 50)
  24. Mitchell Skelton (600k, 10)
  25. Adam Faughn (2.6m, 33)
  26. Keith Brenton (4m, 51)
  27. Peter Horne (547k, 3)
  28. Alan Rouse (3.2m, 32)
  29. Wes Woodell (2m, 20)
  30. Darin Hamm (1.9m, 14)
  31. Kinney Mabry (5.2m, 76)
  32. Jim McGuiggan (3.2m, 26)
  33. Matthew Morine (906k, 2)
  34. Philip Cunningham (2.6m, 19)
  35. Toddblog (2.1m, 11)
  36. Ocular Fusion (3.9m, 30)
  37. Terry Rush (7m, 104)
  38. Shane Coffman (4m, 32)
  39. Cecil Hook (1.6m, 0)
  40. Wade Tannehill (3.8m, 18)
  41. Jonathan Storment (4.4m, 31)
  42. Phil Sanders (6.4m, 45)
  43. Chris Gallagher (4.2m, 25)
  44. Nick Gill (5.3m, 31)
  45. Danny Dodd (7.2m, 46)
  46. Phil Ware (4m, 21)
  47. Frank Bellizzi (5.1m, 28)
  48. Todd Deaver (7.2m, 40)
  49. Dallas Burdette (3.3m, 1)
  50. Bill Williams (7m, 29)
  51. Royce Ogle (5.4m, 20)
  52. Lane Widick (4.8m, 9)
  53. Gil Yoder (3.7m, 0)
  54. Jerry Starling (4.1m, 3)
  55. Rex Butts (6.5m, 23)
  56. Political Cartel (5m, 9)
  57. Roger Butner (4.9m, 2)
  58. Terry Laudette (6.4m, 16)
  59. Greg Kendall-Ball (5.4m, 7)
  60. Greg England (5.6m, 2)

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