John 9 – Mud in the Eyes Christians

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After reading and re-reading the story of the man born blind in John 9 today I am struck by the power and authority of Jesus combined with the blind man’s willing obedience. Our faith is a partnership of unequals. We can’t even take credit for listening and doing because without his command we wouldn’t have a clue what to do. He alone heals and restores. And yet he expects us to listen and to do. Otherwise we just stand there blind with mud in our eyes wondering why we still can’t see.

I wonder how many “mud in the eyes Christians” there are in the world. They believe they have heard the Word of God and are saved but their unwillingness to wash the mud from their eyes so they might really begin to see has kept them in spiritual darkness. It is an incredibly tragedy when God has done 100% of what needs to be done to help us see and yet we are unwilling to trust him enough to follow through and do what he has asked. I know this gets into the murky waters of the sufficiency of grace and all the rest (not really if you are tracking with me here and are familiar with past posts like this one). But my point is, without action on our part, we stand there blind with mud in our eyes. God certainly has more in mind for us than that. You notice Jesus didn’t say, “Sit here while I run to Siloam, get some water and pour it on your eyes for you…don’t lift a finger! BRB!” and off he goes. I think there is a reason for that. While we don’t merit our salvation God certainly wants us to be invested in the process!

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  1. John 9 is one of my very favorite chapters in the Bible.

    And that is a *GREAT* line you just wrote: “Our faith is a partnership of unequals.” It is a partnership: we do our part, God does His part. And neither of us can do the parts assigned to the other. And yet, the part we play pales in comparison to the role God plays & the burden he takes on for us. And so, even though it doesn’t at all depend on us & entirely on God… it also depends on us. (g)

    But I love that line of your’s that brings more clarity than my last sentence: “our faith is a partnership of unequals.” I’m gonna use that.

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