1 Million Words and What is There to Show for It?

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I don’t have an exact figure but based on some projections I have probably typed over 1 million words on this blog since 2006. So what? What is there to show for all that effort? There is no way to add up the grand total effect that something posted on the internet has.

  1. I hope this blog has a positive effect and not a negative one. The goal of this blog has a lot more to do with building faith rather than tearing it down.
  2. Visitors from nearly every country in the world. I am amazed when I see people come from China, Iran, and other countries to K.L. I don’t know what effect it is having but I am certain it is producing fruit of some sort in places I will never set foot.
  3. Friends across the United States and even several other countries. Although I have never met many of you I feel like I have friends all over the U.S. and abroad.
  4. An archive – I can’t tell you how many times I have used this blog as a personal reference when working on something. I just knew I wrote something about a particular subject, did a search, and avoided a total reinvent of the wheel.
  5. Emails – I get emails from time to time that normally express thankfulness for the contents of the blog or tell how something they found here was beneficial to them in a tough time or answered a question that had been bothering them.
  6. Small group lessons – The small group lessons continue to benefit people in several congregations in the U.S. I periodically get an email asking permission to use them or of people who are currently using them and enjoying the lessons.
  7. Sharpening – I have grown from the conversations here. There are times I have changed my mind on issues or really had to study hard to find out if I had a solid foundation on certain issues. I appreciate those of you who have commented here for that. Hopefully that went both ways. I feel this outlet has helped me grow in my faith and mature in my ministry.
  8. Keeping in touch with old friends – I have known several of you for a decade or more and it is great to stay in touch with old friends. I cannot tell you how much I have regretted some of the friendships I let slide away in the past due to moving, etc. I am glad to have this outlet to stay in touch with many of you.

I wish I could say I had thousands of conversion stories of people who stopped by the blog, put their faith in Jesus and were baptized by a local congregation but I don’t. And that’s okay with me. I suspect the biggest impact of this blog will never really be known by me and that is something I am fine with. All we can do is let our light shine and do our best to not get in the way!

I want to thank the words: a, in, on, or, and, and the for comprising many of the 1 million words and for being so easy to type. Without you guys, this blog would lack readability and any semblance of being written in English.

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  1. Three years worth? It’s amazing how little bits done consistently over time add up! That’s about 10 times the time I’ve been blogging. Congratulations! And thanks for listing mine as a link….

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