Crucified Ape?

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Have you heard about Paul Fryer’s lame attempt at art to bring attention to the cause of the Western Lowland Gorilla? Not only lame…this is a slap in the face of all things significant. How does a crucified wax ape help the plight of Western Lowland Gorillas? How is this art? Even the apostle Peter was not willing to be crucified in the same way Jesus was when he faced his death and now this? If Peter didn’t deem himself to be worthy of the cross then how can anyone think putting an ape on the cross is a good idea? This doesn’t elevate chimps around the world…this denigrates Christ no matter how you slice it. The end effect is just more useless noise that we really don’t need and the promotion of scandal rather than making any real effort to make a difference for the gorillas he is trying to save.

See the L.A. Times article here (credit to them for the picture). [HT: Stephen Smuts, who has an excellent blog you should check out.]

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  1. It is sad.
    It makes a true mockery of Christianity and Jesus Christ.
    It makes me sick to see this.
    This isn’t art! It doesn’t help the cause that he is trying to bring attention to at all.

    Christians in the Sudan are being crucified right now. Yet he is wanting to make light of what Christ, Peter and countless Christians have faced and continue to face today. It is madness.
    Christians, the church (not just CofC), but all churches and human rights advocates should stand up and make their voice known that this is out of line and not right. He should take it down and appologize for what he has done. Thank you Matt for bringing this to our attention.

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