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In follow up to the previous post about how I think it is a crummy idea to boycott business just because they won’t use the word, “Christmas” I have a better idea. Why doesn’t the AFA boycott businesses that use the word “Christmas” that don’t uphold Christian values. The idea behind this would be the hypocrisy of using “Merry Christmas” to make a buck off Christians when in reality they are just as pagan as all those Grinch, non-Christmas types.

It is far more scriptural to point out “believers” who stumble than to point out pagans who stumble. It is far more scriptural to correct those in the church rather than those outside the church (1 Cor 5:12). I doubt the AFA would take on this challenge and I would really rather them not boycott anyone at this point but I think it is at least worth assessing the underlying ideology behind the boycotts we have seen coming from them and wonder why not at least boycott in a way that would be consistent with scriptural ideals.

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  1. Don’t think AFA’ purpoose is to purpose is to point oui pagans who stumble.
    It’s an effort to engage in the culture war over forces seeking to more thoroughly secularize our former Christian nation (as opposed to state; we’ve always been a secular state) by wiping Christ from the poular mind-set; those same forces which want people to have “Happy Holidays” all-the-while ignoring the holy-day and God-centered nature of the holidays; those forces seeking to remove Christianity from the public-square/public-forum whence it formerly so solidly stood.
    Yes, merchants are pursuing the Almighty Dollar off the back of Christmas; that’s who started the current popular version of Christmas. So, if they’re going to money-grub off the holidays, AFA members as a group that will be filling merchant’s coffers anyway can at least use the merchant’s pursuit of lucre as leverage for acknowledgement of the Name One who is the basis for the holiday (holy-day) rather than be swept along in the secularizing tide washing Christianity from the popular mindset which used to be normative of American culture.

  2. Our work at Covenant Hospice, which has chaplains who are Christians, directs us to say happy holidays, etc. I say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or whatever I like and have never been corrected because I HAVE RELATIONSHIP with those that I talk to. Our obligation is to treat others as we would like to be treated. They will see Christ through action, not through legislation of titles.

  3. This all sounds like another example of a “Christian” orginization not acting with Christian values…or more correctly, Kingdom of God values.

    I makes my stomach turn to think of how much heavy-handed power, political manipulation, etc…some use in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Grace and peace,


  4. to Matt’s point though…it kind of reminds me of how the republican party counts on social conservatives to vote for them (and we pretty much have to) yet they spend our tax dollars mindlessly. They know they can always count on us at election time. Likewise, many companies will say Merry Christmas to make the Christians happy…not for any righteous reason, but just so we’ll spend our money in there store…”see ya next year”. Then back to selling Harry Potter books.

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