Jonah is Going to Be A Computer Whiz

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For only being 11 months old Jonah has accidentally taught us so many things technologically. Using the touch pad on the laptop he brought up a whole slew of shortcuts we didn’t know about. He showed us the spacebar will pause youtube and facebook videos. Did any of you know that works? He dialed a Verizon support number accidentally by pushing buttons on the phone that got an instant response from Verizon saying, “May I help you?” over the speakerphone (He pushed that button too). I can’t tell you how many times I have called Verizon and have been on hold for a long, long time…why didn’t I let Jonah dial? He loves our printer especially turning it on and off. I just hope he doesn’t become a hacker or try to take over the world or anything like that. With so many things he keeps teaching us we are starting to wonder if it is “accidental”.

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