Probably the Worst Exegesis I Have Ever Seen

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It would take a lot of effort to come up with a worse exegesis than what is found in this youtube video. In it an anonymous person (obviously no biblical scholar) takes on one of the worst word studies I have ever seen. His attempt to prove Barack Obama as the antichrist in this video is something similar to trying to tie strings to moving cars on the freeway to show they are connected somehow. In either scenario one could expect serious damage to be done. At the end of the day it only makes Christians look like fools and does nothing to further any political or religious discussion in a positive or meaningful way. I am pretty sure I could just as easily promote the idea that big bird is the antichrist if I was willing to be this theologically uninformed or exegetically incompetent. I normally try hard not to be a basher but this one seems so exceptionally bad and does nothing except feed into unhealthy stereotypes about Christians.

More of a response to these ideas to come another time.

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