Sermon Page Updated

I had been noticing the Sermons Page on the blog needed some work. I haven’t added very many new links but most of the broken links should be fixed. I have also made the page a lot easier to read by changing the formatting of it just slightly. In case you have never looked at this page on the blog it is worth a look. It has links to tons of sermons by some very well known ministers and scholars (mostly among the churches of Christ).

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  1. Mark Penrith says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’m on a mission. I’m searching for the top three expositors of all time and the top three topical preachers.

    Um, don’t you want to give me an indication of who you’d think they are. You’ve clearly done more homework on this than me.



  2. WesWoodell says:

    Thanks for the linkage – here’s my updated sermons page:

    That’ll be kept more up-to-date than the CMU site for me (if you want to change it).


  3. Tim says:

    Hey Matt… what a great resource! Thanks for posting it. FYI… I’m at the North County Church of Christ now…

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