Microsoft Bing Off to a Fast Start…Ranked One Spot Ahead of Google France

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So Bing has had a glorious debut. All the hype, all the adds. How has it done? Alexa ranks it as the 19th most visited site on the web. Microsoft is attempting to take market share from Google so I find it highly ironic that Bing just barely beat out #20 ranked Google France, Google’s French language search engine. Bing didn’t even beat out Microsoft’s own existing sites: Windows Live, Microsoft Network (MSN), and Also coming in ahead of Bing is Google’s German language site, Google’s Indian site, and Yahoo’s Japanese site.

Ranked #21?! They weren’t even close to blogger. They came in at #8.

I guess in perspective Bing did pretty well for only being around a month and a half. We’ll see how it does in the long run. Are any of you thinking of switching to Bing from your current search engine of preference? If so, why?

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  1. At first I heard about Bing and I laughed. But I was really impressed with the live video thumbnails when you use the video search.

    But with this neat little feature I still use google for pretty much any search I think of.

    Great posting!

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