Mike Lewis the Jesus Painter

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I have never met Mike Lewis but I have seen his art and seen him perform his art live and it is very impressive. Mike is a Harding University alum who travels the U.S. painting pictures of Jesus. He has a great website that is definitely worth a look. He also has a group on facebook where you can follow his travels. Here is a video from his website where he is featured at the GMA Dove awards with Mac Powell of Third Day and Steven Curtis Chapman.

And another clip of him at work.

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  1. Thanks for your coments and posting Mike’s video’s on your blog. I really don’t know how I wandered into your blog but glad I found you. I am Mike’s agent so if anyone wants to have MIke make an appearance at their church or event they can find my contact information on the JesusPainter website.

    Blessings and to God be the Glory.

  2. Saw you in Oklahoma!!!!Love My God bless you richly. I was so touched. You made Jesus come alive………………thank you………..dear bro.

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