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Generosity is More Than Money

June 13th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Christianity, Church, Religion, Thoughts

How do you treat someone in a generous way?
Things not to do to be a generous person:

  • Throw money at the problem
  • Hope someone else will do it
  • Figure things will work out eventually
  • Lean on the government for their programs to help – that’s why we pay taxes, right?
  • Figure the benevolence budget will cover all the bases and needs
  • Figure that’s just for preachers and elders to deal with

Things to do:

  • Spend time with someone in a way that is more about them than it is about you. Do something they are good at or makes them feel valued.
  • Be willing to be made uncomfortable – hurting people need someone who is generous with their comfort zone so that they don’t feel rejected.
  • Be a listener
  • Be interested in others
  • Ask questions about the other person
  • Budget for giving…don’t figure it out on the spot as the collection plate goes by. And don’t let that limit you from helping other times needs arrive. Sometimes God’s plans aren’t timed perfectly with our budgets.

Generosity is not about money. Generosity is about value. It is about valuing other people and making them feel valued. 90% of generosity involves things other than money. Only 10% of generosity includes money or material possessions. The other 90% is about you and your willingness to be real and be present with another person in a way that helps them draw closer to God. Generous people don’t have to ask how much money or what % of their income it takes to truly be generous. Generosity is an attitude rather than a checkbox.


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  • Terry

    Great thoughts! You have described the ideal person to handle the church’s food bank or other benevolence ministries. With such people in such positions, people in need feel much more comfortable despite their circumstances. Of course, these are qualities that we all need, but they are especially helpful in mercy ministries.

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