Rob Bell’s Everything is Spiritual

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I finished watching Rob Bell’s Everything Is Spiritual DVD yesterday and I have to say it is a fairly impressive piece of work. The material is well presented with enough humor and points of interest to keep you engaged with what he is saying. What makes this DVD good is the amount of information he is able to pull together and boil down and make application in such a short period of time. Starting with creation Bell takes us on everything from the order and structure with which God made all things to relational aspects of God’s creation and spiritual connotations to the early Jewish and Christian views on spirituality. What is more, he communicates this information in a way that is pretty easy to understand and is engaging enough to be used in a Bible class setting. I would recommend taking the video and splitting it up by the chapter breaks in the DVD to make 5-7 classes out of this rather than watching it in one sitting. The only thing I have against it are the times Bell seems almost smug with the way he tosses out the big words. It almost has the air of condescension at times but dulled from cutting the viewer too badly by well-timed bits of humor.

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  1. He has another called “The Gods Aren’t Angry” which is basically a popularized take on cultural anthropology and its parallels and dissimilarities with Judaism and Christianity. It is available at amazon as well.

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