Probably the Most Manipulative Approach to Soul Winning Ever Presented

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Have a look at the post by Tim Challies outlining an approach in an old book he recently received. Craziness. Here is the link. I don’t think it gets much more manipulative and strong arming than this.

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  1. Oh my word…this made me laugh but manalive, manipulation is an understaement.

    But I once attended an evangelism seminar where the teacher encouraged us to share some stories of people dying to remind the person we are trying to evangelize that tomorrow is not guarunteed and they need to make a decision (a.k.a., get baptized) now.

    Grace and peace,


    P.S. For the record, I am not sure I would like any man or woman reaching out and touching me to show me where my heart is…it has been a while but I did pass 9th grade health class.

  2. Try this then, We want to Soul Win but it seems so hit and run.

    What is 360 home church? # 360 homes you claim for God’s kingdom, a door to door mission of love where you explain that you are there to serve them and that you will provide any help they need. you are their personal missionary, block organizer and friend. Some will hate you and some will welcome you, Some will support you and offer their homes. You will be running for mayor it will seem at first. Invite them to movie night, sponsor events , develop a news letter for community activism . Set up English classes, Job services , cottage businesses. Community kitchens. Any thing and everything is possible in your 360 home church . Interfaith if there are other religions represented there. What if you got a cable channel or a radio show to bring them news about each other? Just claim 360 homes, pray for them every day and you will find things to do.

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