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I love my pickup truck. It is great for doing home projects and helping people move. I guess I have to say that I am a little irritated at the move by the Obama admin to make these trucks more expensive and raise fuel economy standards. I can’t afford a hybrid and don’t care to buy a tiny little car. What are people going to do who have large families? What will this do to small business who often have their own larger vehicles to haul things?

I think they have this all wrong. I drive a vehicle that gets about 16 miles to the gallon but I only drive it 100 miles a week. I am doing far less damage to the environment than an environmentally friendly vehicle like a prius that is driven many, many more miles a week. This seems a bit elitist to me to force families pay more for vehicles which could come out to at least $1300 more per vehicle but likely much more.

What do all of you drive and how would this impact your future purchases? Are you in favor of this type of legislation?

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  1. A pickup is a necessity on the farm. I drove a mid size car until the fall of 97 when it was wrecked. I knew that trips were painful for my back and knees so I bought an extended cab pickup and put a lid on the back. Now, I don’t have to fold myself up to get in or pry myself out. Travel is much easier. I still have that pickup as my farm truck and have a SUV for travel. The SUV is very much like the pickup for ease of entry and exit. Both get about17 t0 19 mpg. I”ll keep them and replace with a similar American made vehicle, if possible.

  2. I drive an ’03 Ford Focus, and even though I am 6’5″ I enjoy the size of my car, and especially the size of the number on the gas pump when it cuts off. I can’t imagine the fuel costs some of my friends and family either accept or suffer through.

    Our unwillingness to change our habits is why oil companies have no fear of raising prices. They know that Americans will not stop driving gas-guzzlers, and as long as we are a capitalist country, the supplier sets the price to maximize their profits.

    I live on a farm and I agree that some jobs can’t be done without powerful vehicles. And I grieve for how much diesel has gone up; farmers are hurting seriously.

    But until the consumers change their habits, there will be no incentive for the suppliers to change their prices.

  3. Hey Matt,

    Yeah, I hear you. Not all of us really need hybrids. That’s the problem with people who live in big densely-populated cities making decisions for people who don’t. I know plenty of people who live in the country who almost never drive farther than a few miles, but who need big powerful vehicles around the farm.

    From what I’ve heard, when you force cars to get better gas mileage, it has the same effect as people eating lowfat potato chips: since there’s less fat, I eat the whole bag. Or, since it’s so much cheaper to drive, I do it more! End result = same consumption.

    I voted for McCain, not because I was particularly fond of him, but because I simply don’t agree with how I expected Obama would run the country. “Change” is what they wanted, and change is what we’ve been getting. I personally can’t wait for it to be over.

  4. I’m not a very environmentally friendly person … I own a Suburban, a pickup truck and an old pickup truck 4×4 for hunting and playing … I guess I fall into the “Obama is out to get me” group :”

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