Seasonal Flu Beats Swine Flu 36,000 to 1

Did you know that influenza kills 36,000 annually in the U.S.? The swine flu has killed 1 in the U.S. I know which one I am more concerned about. Link. I wonder when the World Health Organization is going to put regular influenza at level 6.

Dr. Jonathan Fielding put it this way – “Given the size of L.A. County, given the traffic between here and Mexico, it would be very surprising if we didn’t have any cases…So it would also not be surprising if there were deaths with swine flu — even if it had the pattern of seasonal flu…Thus far, the pattern we see in the United States is very similar to that of seasonal flu — relatively mild to moderate cases.”

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  1. WesWoodell says:

    Yeah, but does the regular flu have this:


  2. mattdabbs says:

    Influenza is pretty lame compared to that. šŸ™

  3. Dusty Chris says:

    I just wonder why puppies, kittens and hamsters don’t have a namesake flu. I guess it would be like having a flu named Kevin or Susan. Not quite as intimidating as a swine.

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