We Can Witness Resurrections Today

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If I told you that if you came by the building on Sunday you could actually see someone be resurrected from the dead would you come? If we put something in the newspaper and on the web that this miraculous event was to take place following our assembly this Sunday and that the public was invited to come and see, do you think people would show up? Paul tells us that baptism is a resurrection from the dead (Romans 6:1-6) and that those who are in Christ are “new creations” (2 Cor 5:17). When we witness someone be baptized, we should be just as shocked and surprised as if we actually saw them rise from the dead because spiritually speaking that is exactly what we witness when someone  puts on Christ in baptism. Do you think the people who say Lazarus raised from the dead were concerned about what they were having for lunch or do you think their immediate response was to wrap their arms around him and shower him with love because the one who was dead had been given life again!

How would it encourage and impact our evangelism if we realize that the goal of it all was not to win an argument or be a good spiritual salesman but to actually participate by the power of God in resurrecting someone from the dead in order that they can live for ever with God?

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