Mike Cope Transitions to Heartbeat Ministries

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In case you missed it, Mike Cope is leaving Abilene and the Highland Church of Christ to work with Heartbeat ministries and Landon Saunders. Keep the Cope family in your prayers and pray that God can use Mike in a new way for the kingdom of God.

Read Mike’s post about it here.

Read about it at heartbeat.org here.

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  1. Praise the Lord Friends in Christ,

    Am so much blessed to read your web page, which am happy of and excited about. I was moved and I thank the Lord for leading me to your website. I would like to know more about your assembly and if possible be connected with you all.
    I am brother James from Kenya and I lead a small Church whereby many Denominational Churches have emerged preaching the message of prosperity and not of the Kingdom of God as Matthew 6:32 and 33 tells us. Majorly, in that same Matthew 5:6 and Isaiah 55:1-2 is my desire and my message to all men.
    I and the Church take care of the Children (some abandoned orphans). We do Church services, Outreaches and Seminars. If you could assist in Spiritual Guidance it could be a blessing. Kindly we request your ministries to help us to have some Bibles if you have. And we mostly invite you to visit us and share with us more about the Word and also to the Children.We value your Prayers most.
    Thank you and we love you all.
    Brother James Ondieki Omweno,
    P.O BOX 68062,
    Nairobi Kenya.
    E-mail > jamesomweno1@yahoo.com

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