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That is not so much my favorite cereal as it is the sound my shoulder made last night at the softball game when I ran into the short stop. Ouch. The sound was immediately followed by a brief warm sensation. I have heard that is not a good thing. I think I have a torn [insert technical/Latin sounding name here] in my shoulder. Hopefully in a couple of days it will be all better.

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  1. Hey that is the same sound that I heard on my knee two weeks ago when skiing and not stopping so nicely. My mother, who is so encourageing, says I will be supporting another Orthopedic Surgeon at a later point in life.

    Grace and peace,


  2. Well, it is feeling 50% better today than it did yesterday. I actually have a small range of motion that is pain free. Yesterday, everything hurt…even hitting a bump in the road hurt. Improvement!

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