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Top 25 Church of Christ Blogs

January 13th, 2009 · 25 Comments · Blogging, Christianity, Church, Church of Christ, Religion

So here is your top 25 based on

  1. Al Maxey
  2. Edward Fudge
  3. Cecil hook’s Freedom Ring
  4. Mike Cope
  5. Trey Morgan
  6. Wade Hodges
  7. Jay Guin
  8. Larry James
  9. Milton Stanley
  10. Brandon Scott Thomas
  11. Mark Elrod
  12. Political cartel
  13. Jim Martin
  15. Ocular Fusion
  16. Big White Hat
  17. Patrick Mead’s Tentpegs
  18. Jim McGuiggan
  19. Kinney Mabry
  20. Bill Williams
  21. John Dobbs
  22. Lee Hodges
  23. Rex Butts
  24. Bobby Valentine
  25. Terry Rush

I would give you some kind of nifty badge to post on your blog if you made the top 25 but that might only make someone prideful 🙂 A couple of notes: I think John Dobbs would have been higher up if his URL hadn’t changed recently. I also think Matthew Morine would have made the list if he also had not changed URL’s recently. I was suprised to see that John Alan Turner didn’t make the list. I suspect Alexa didn’t do him justice somehow.


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