Great to Be a Florida Gator

Go Gators! National Champs. Not really much else to say. Let’s pray that Rainey’s knee is alright. That looked painful.

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  1. K. Rex Butts says:

    I would like to see the Gators put that trophy up for grabs against the Utes. The Gators may win or the Utes may win but as long as you have a perfect team, there is a problem. The Utes beat all the opponents they faced, what more can they do. But this is the problem when you ad a third party, like the BSC Computer Scoring. If I was on a team, I could stomach not winning the grand title if I lost to an opponent…but how can the Utes (or any other team) stomach not having the chance to be national champs when the opportunity for that chance is beyond their control?

    BTW… I am not a fan of the Gators, Utes, or Sooners. I just think this is one more example of how badly the current BCS ranking system is flawed.


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