Jonah Likes Corvettes Too

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I have tried to give the Corvette back twice. Looks like it goes back on Sunday. When do squatters’ rights kick in? Ah well…life is tough sometimes. One more trip in convertible mode and I should be good for a while. The only thing Jonah and I hold against it is that you can’t put a car seat in it. But I guess you can overlook that for the 6.3 liter v8, paddle shifters on the steering wheel, 436 hp, heads up display for your speed right in front of your eyes on the glass, and 0-60 in 4.3 seconds…yeah, we can give it a pass on no car seat. I was walking out my front door this evening when a Dodge viper the same color as the vette was driving by our house…if only I had been a minute quicker 🙂


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