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Parts of this make me want to laugh and then I realize how manipulative this is and how it makes Christians/Christian ministers to look and then it makes me sad…

For some reason this just seems to me to make God too small. God want this and that for you but nowhere do I hear him ask how someone is doing spiritually, what they are struggling with in regard to their relationship with God and other people.

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  1. This kind of teaching is so common and so sad. It plays right to the carnal side of people. I get tired of dealing with it. I was writing to a young man today who is out teaching the prosperity gospel, yet he’s in debt up to his ears. He’s trying to figure out how to deal with the contradiction.


  2. I looked at his fundraising letters on wikipedia. The letters that follow the red prayer cloth prey on the desparations of people.

    What a sad commentary on the sheep that believe him. I have been duped by an entirely different scheme (not related to religion) because it played on my hopes and what I had been praying about.

    We lost only $45 and a lot of face, but repeat that a few thousand times a month and one can see a profitable living.

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