Women’s Roles

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Please pray for me as we discuss women’s roles in our class tomorrow morning! There is just no way to teach that in a way that makes everyone happy and hard to teach in a way that is true to the text. So, so complicated. Pray that I can explain things appropriately and give the text(s) a fair reading. Thanks!

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  1. Seems straightforward to me.

    If you’re going to have a woman preach in your class, make sure she either wears a hat or has long hair.

    That was easy!


  2. Ugh! I have taught this class at a church in Maryland. I am not there anymore! The Elders wanted me to lead a class on women’s roles and if I were smart, I would have “respectfully” declined. It was an ambush for sure.
    The Elders and some of the other leaders (all men) did not want to hear anything other than the status quo. We ended up stopping the class prematurely. Thank the Lord!
    All 3 of the major religions struggle with this very issue, what to do with the women. Islam especially has so many diverse views on women from having them wear a burka to just a head covering to wearing nothing on their head besides their hair.
    I highly recommend “Slaves, Women, and Homosexuals” (the author’s name escapes me).

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