52 Greatest Stories of the Bible – Kenneth Boa & John Alan Turner

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I have been reading this book from Kenneth Boa and John Alan Turner (of Faith 2.0). It is a very different approach to doing a one year study of the Bible. They hit the highlights of the biblical narrative and break it down on a Monday through Friday schedule.

Monday – The story (Creation, Exodus, 10 Commandments, etc). Boa and Turner take a conversational tone in retelling the major narratives.

Tuesday – Orthodoxy Day! This day is more readings on how Monday’s story helps form our beliefs.

Wednesday – Orthopathy Day! This day is focused on how Monday’s story and Tuesday’s beliefs inform and shape our values.

Thursday – Orthopraxy Day! Thursday takes the values and beliefs of Tuesday and Wednesday and examines how that impacts our actions.

Friday – Time for prayer. While I am sure Boa and Turner would encourage you to pray Monday through Thursday as well, Friday is a prayer that asks God to work on us through the areas discussed the other four days.

This is a unique approach to devotional reading through the year and I would highly suggest picking up a copy. It would also be a good book to recommend to people looking for a daily devotional. Here is the link.

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