EasyBlogCreator – A New Form of Blog Piracy

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Today I noticed a rash of websites linking to me. I click on them and find that someone named Scot is using a tool called the Easy Blog Creator Pro. This thing has a bot that takes your content and posts it verbatim to websites like Scot’s. It basically generates hordes of free content for them to get picked up by search engines like google in hopes that people will come to their website and click on web advertising. This is a money making scheme. In moments you can slap down some cash and have an instant empire of free content that is fully in sight of search engines. I went to the easy blog creator website and saw just how commercial this idea is and just how much of an abuse it is as well.

I really wouldn’t care and I normally don’t mind if people take anything they want from here. But I do object to people using my content as a money making scheme. Have any of you run into anything similar?

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