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Our house was built in 1956 and we found out today that the wooden shelves in the closets are original. We are tearing them out to put in Closetmate (TM) and wouldn’t you know a bunch of old coins fell out from behind one of the boards that was nailed to the wall. Nothing dated newer than 1959 and some as far back as 1915. Among the finds was a standing liberty quarter from 1929 some wheat pennies and a mercury dime. Nothing of major value but of the tens of thousands of coins I have looked through in my coin collecting days I can say for the first time that I was looking at coins no collectors had seen before me. That made my day.

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  1. It’s surprising what you can find in the nooks, crannies and walls of a house. My brother and father were in the old family homestead several years ago and happened to pry a board off an interior wall (not sure why) and found an antique medicine bottle. The house was built by my great-great grandfather. Who knows why he closed the bottle up in the wall?

  2. Hunter,

    When I was a teenager I would go to the bank and get $100 in pennies. I found quite a few wheats back then. I even found a 1942 DDO lincoln in Very Fine. I have found tons of 1972 DDO lincolns (all but variety 1) and some back to 1910 by searching rolls from the bank. I haven’t done that in 15 years or so…I am guessing things have changed!

  3. I’ve been collecting for about 30 years. Luckily I’m to the point now where I’m able to financially afford to finish some of those collections.

    That said, I’ve seriously been bitten by the Roll Hunting bug (as evidenced by the site I’m putting together). It amazes me what can still be found in circulation.

    I’m particularly fond of nickels as it’s still fairly common to find 38 and 39’s floating around as well as the occasional war nickel (just went through a box tonight and found a 42S).

    Obviously for me it’s not about the monetary value of what I’m pulling from circulation as it is the history.

    Roll Hunting halves has become very popular with the runup in silver (although over the last few months there’s been a serious downturn in excitement due to the fall in silver prices).

  4. I started collecting 20 years ago and have been amazed at what I have found in change/in rolls over the years. However, the best find I have ever made was from a junk box at a store. I bought a 1979-S Type 2 Proof dime for 1 dollar. When I got home I realized it had a very strong clashed die! On a proof! It has the full outlined of Roosevelt’s head on the back, upside down, and some leaves coming out of his face and some letters from the reverse on the front coming out of his head. I am still not sure how much that is worth but I may try to auction it eventually.

  5. Great find! And great story! I always read these stories where people find an old box somewhere and I get really jealous. I seem to never have that kind of luck. And then it happened to me, too. Well, sort of. They found an old box of wheat pennies (and several nickels) where my wife works this past week. They couldn’t determine who they belonged to, so my wife, knowing that I collect wheat pennies, asked if she could have them. They gave them to her and she in turn gave them to me. So, even if I’m not so lucky, my wife is, and I guess I’m lucky that she is willing to share her luck with me. 🙂

    Mike Smith

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