Agree, Disagree, Challenging, Disappointment

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I have four questions for you regarding this blog. This is just food for thought and for my own sharpening here at Kingdom Living.

1 – What is something that you have firmly agreed with that you have seen come up again and again on this blog?

2 – What is something you have strongly disagreed with that you have read on this blog.

3 – What is the most challenging thing you remember reading here?

4 – What has been your biggest disappointment at Kingdom Living?

I will make a 5th question. I hate to end on a down note.

5 – Which commenter here has been the most helpful to you on a consistent basis?

Or maybe you are like me and don’t remember half the things you have read but just want to say “Hi” that’s fine too!

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  1. Rick Ianniello has been the most helpful … just kidding. I just like the blog overall. I wish I could say some one thing pops out at me but I cannot. I suppose a could scan back through the blog but I don’t think that was your intent.

    Anyway, great blog.

  2. I have been reading this blog for a couple of months but until today I have not commented. As someone who randomly stumbled across this blog, I thought I would offer my two (five) cents.

    1. I agree with your views of issues and non-issues in the church.

    2. Nothing that I have read so far.

    3. Anything related to spiritual transformation/being church vs. doing church.

    4. Would like to read more about the LeadNow conference and what issues were discussed.

    5. Rex and Darin

  3. Clint – Thanks for your comment. I wanted to say that there will be more in the next day or two about the LeadNow conference. Thanks for reading!

  4. 1.) Your views on modesty.

    2.) Your pessimistic view of political candidates.

    3.) Can’t remember.

    4.) You asked. So from a personal preferences standpoint, I’d like to see more breadth of topics. Also, more personal — I’d like to hear more about Matt’s feelings on a variety of things.

    5.) Probably Rex. He seems to generate the best/most discussions here.

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