Disc Golf, Resurrection, and Realizing the Possibilities

One of my favorite past-times is playing disc golf. How much better can you get than a free sport that lets you take a walk through nature while challenging yourself to improve? I played yesterday with a couple of guys who were really, really good. They play on a regular basis with the “champ” Ken Climo who is the 12 time world disc golf champion. They have seen a lot. They can see lines through the trees that I cannot always see. They have seen and made shots that I didn’t know you could do. But seeing them do it inspired me to try and what do you know…a whole new world of possibilities opened up. But first you had to see it for yourself. You had to see it done to know it could be done better. Then comes a certain boldness because you have seen it done before and know it can be done again.

I wonder if that is what it was like for the disciples. Jesus spoke about his impending crucifixion and resurrection and there was a lot of doubt and uncertainty until they actually saw it done. Once they saw the risen Lord they went on to change the world through the message of Jesus Christ. They knew death couldn’t stop them because it couldn’t stop their Lord. It is one thing to say the dead can be raised. It is another to see someone die and see them alive again. Shouldn’t that encourage us to try some things that we would have never thought possible until we heard that death cannot keep us down.

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  1. Darin says:

    That is a great challenge and I’m not talking about taking up disc golf.

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