Free Small Group Curriculum Available at Kingdom Living

I will be posting our small group curriculum at Northwest here at Kingdom Living over the next few days. Feel free to download it, use it, or whatever other use you can find that will bring glory to the kingdom of God. I haven’t put any copywrite information on it whatsoever. The only thing I would not like to happen is for someone to claim it as their original work or profit from it without permission.

These and more can be found at the Kingdom Living page called Small Group Lessons found at the top of this blog. I will be posting series of lessons on the ministry of Jesus, practical Christian living, and a series on the book of Acts in the next day or so. I also want to thank the Sycamore View Church of Christ and Joe Godley for allowing me to use their LIFE acronym as seen below.

L.I.F.E. Series
L – Living the Commission
I – Impacting Through Compassion
F – Finding Community
E – Encountering the Christ

Prayer Series
Introduction to Prayer Series
Prayer and God’s Faithfulness
Prayer and Our Faithfulness
Priorities in Prayer
A – Adoring God Through Prayer
C – Confession in Prayer
T – Praying Thankfully
S – Supplication – Ask, Seek, Knock
Fasting and Prayer
A Time of Prayer

Resources for Prayer Series
Resource 1 – ACTS Card
Resource 2 – Leader Resources
Resource 3 – Prayer Request Cards

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  1. preacherman says:

    Wonderful post brother.
    Thank you so much for the encouraging thoughts.
    Keep up the great blogging!

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