Giving the World an Unhealthy View of Christians and the Church

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Oscar Sunday

One of the local congregations in St. Petersburg is putting on an Oscar Sunday where, “worshipers will walk on a red carpet, sing music from the movies and see a dramatic presentation by Pastor ——–. Refreshments will be served.” Message – Church is relevant because we are in touch with Hollywood. -Excerpt from St. Pete Times.

30 Day Sex Challenge

The Relevant Church in Ybor City, Florida has issued a challenge for all its married members to have sex everyday for 30 days. Message – Christians are sex craved maniacs who follow God for “what’s in it for me?” That is not the message they are preaching but when a non-Christian hears about that, it is the message that is heard. (HT: Trey Morgan for reminding me of this one)

In-house Crime:

Those first two are in my backyard here in the Tampa Bay Area. This last one was mentioned by Bob Turner and I give him credit for the photo:

Message – church is no different from the world and is not a safe environment for you or your family. I think we need to be careful about the image we are sending our world. It needs to be Christ-centered and it needs to show that we are different.

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  1. By using the name “Relevant” do they mean to imply that the rest are irrelevant? And the thought of a preacher talking to me about my sex life from the pulpit gives me the creeps.

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