Giving the World an Unhealthy View of Christians and the Church

Oscar Sunday

One of the local congregations in St. Petersburg is putting on an Oscar Sunday where, “worshipers will walk on a red carpet, sing music from the movies and see a dramatic presentation by Pastor ——–. Refreshments will be served.” Message – Church is relevant because we are in touch with Hollywood. -Excerpt from St. Pete Times.

30 Day Sex Challenge

The Relevant Church in Ybor City, Florida has issued a challenge for all its married members to have sex everyday for 30 days. Message – Christians are sex craved maniacs who follow God for “what’s in it for me?” That is not the message they are preaching but when a non-Christian hears about that, it is the message that is heard. (HT: Trey Morgan for reminding me of this one)

In-house Crime:

Those first two are in my backyard here in the Tampa Bay Area. This last one was mentioned by Bob Turner and I give him credit for the photo:

Message – church is no different from the world and is not a safe environment for you or your family. I think we need to be careful about the image we are sending our world. It needs to be Christ-centered and it needs to show that we are different.

0 Responses to Giving the World an Unhealthy View of Christians and the Church

  1. odgie says:

    By using the name “Relevant” do they mean to imply that the rest are irrelevant? And the thought of a preacher talking to me about my sex life from the pulpit gives me the creeps.

  2. Darin says:

    Thanks for these. Much to ponder.

  3. K. Rex Butts says:

    Maybe we’ll find a church that encourages 365 days :-).


  4. J D says:

    Rex has got more energy than I do…lol.

    Read Brant Hanson’s take on the 30 day sex challenge here:

    lots of humor!

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