Kingdom Consumerism

In talking about Kingdom Consumerism Philip asks the question, “does the 1st Corinthians passage about unity (“I’m of Apollos, I’m of Cephas, I’m of Paul, I’m of Christ…”) bring anything to bear in addressing this issue? That is, in terms of churches making the statement, “I’m of Rick Warren, I’m of Bill Hybels, I’m of Christ, etc.?”

We are surrounded by so much advertising and branding it is hard not to let some of that creep into our thinking on how to market the church, how to operate church business/finances, and how our leadership is structured. Are churches turning into McChurch?, a Chick-fil-Atonement?, or a Burger Kingdom of God?

Chime in over at his blog – I Don’t Know Where the Angels Sleep.

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  1. Mike says:

    “Chick-fil-Atonement”. I’m still laughing. However, very true.

  2. Philip says:

    Yeah, those were good

    I like “Burker Kingdom of God.” “Have it your way,” people.


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