More and Less in 2008

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1 – More of our young adults growing and involved in the life of the church.
2 -Less discussion over minutia
3 – More service opportunities for our college students.
4 – Less babysitting mentality for our college students
5 – More emphasis on Jesus
6 – Less emphasis on guilt
7 – More application
8 – Less “playing church”
9 – More making an impact on our community
10 – Less staring at the back of people’s heads while sitting in rows
11 – More help for our marriages in the church
12 – Less thinking that just because someone attends they will have a healthy marriage
13 – More teachers trained and teaching
14 – Less Bible classes that fail to engage, encourage, and remind us of who we are in Christ
15 – More time in each others’ homes
16 – Less isolation
17 – More safe environments to be authentic and honest about our lives
18 – Less judgment
19 – More sowing and reaping
20 – Less spectator farming

What’s on your list?

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