Suggestion for the Lifehouse Everything Skit

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I have posted the video for this skit some time back. The more I think about it and show it to others I think there is one thing missing. All the forces of darkness tug at her and hold her back from getting to Jesus and enjoying the relationship she once had with him. The reality of it is that falling into sin results in spiritual death (Eph 2). The good part of the good news is that Jesus has conquered death – not just keeping them from attacking us any more but he actually came to us when we were dead, a corpse, killed by those same forces and he raised us to walk in newness of life.

So here is my suggestion. In the skit, let the forces do what the forces do in real life and act out them killing the girl. Jesus then fights with them and struggles against them, just as he does in the present video and overpowers them. Then he goes to the dead girl and does just what he did in the beginning. In the beginning of the video he brings her to life through the dust of the ground and the breath of his spirit. Wouldn’t it be appropriate for her to walk to her lifeless body and do that again and raise her to her feet again to walk in harmony with Jesus – recreated? (2 Cor 5:17). Just my two cents but I would love to hear that someone ran with that idea because I think it more fully demonstrates what Christ has done for us and the dire state we were in before being saved by Christ. He didn’t save us from an attack. He raised us from death.

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